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2:30pm till 3:30pm: Workshop Session 1

W1 - Too Black Too Strong: Black Women and Education
(by Dr.Victoria Showunmi, Researcher & Lecturer at IOE)

Dr Victoria Showunmi, is an Associate Professor in the department of Lifelong and Comparative Education at the Institute of Education at the University College London. She is an active community activist who is currently working on a project to support Black Women across education and is a member of the Runnymede Trust –360 and a lead mentor for BAME Women Race to the Top Mentoring Circle.

W2- Uniting to End Violence Against Women and Girls”
(by Collette Gee, Relationship Specialist, Dating Coach & Author)

Collette Gee is a Relationship Specialist, Speaker and the author of “Finding Happily, No Rules, No Frogs and No Pretending.” She is a DV survivor, Violence Prevention Specialist and Activist whose mission is to teach women and men how to live happily and harmoniously.

W3- Public Speaking (by Samayya Afzal, Black Women’s Forum UK Committee)


Samayya Afzal is a former member of NUS National Executive Committee within the remit of Society & Citizenship. She served as the Women's & Campaigns Officer at the University of Bradford Union of Students for two years, as well as on the NUS Black Students Committee. She co-founded the National Students Not Suspects campaign against the Prevent duty on UK campuses. She also holds a diversity development role in a museum and is running a project on the Indian Partition.

W4- Radical Self-love (by Bee Tajudeen, Black Blossoms & Amanda Maxwell, Boiler Room)


Bee Tajudeen is the founder of Black Blossoms which is a platform which highlights the voices of black women in education and the creative industries. Black Blossoms has highlighted over 50 voices of black women in the sector by hosting conferences, screenings, panels and exhibitions. Black Blossoms has been featured in Buzzfeed, BBC and Gal-Dem. In 2016, Black Blossoms held a successful and popular three-month long exhibition in University of the Arts London showroom. Recently the platform has started an editorial collaboration with the MOBO Awards, the team are selecting and interviewing black women and nonbinary folk working in the creative industries. The main purpose of this is to; highlight the various professions within the creative industries, to enrich and inspire aspiring creatives, effect change, and champion the success of our peers.

Amanda Maxwell- Bio pic (1).JPG

Amanda Maxwell is a office manager at Boiler Room, most describe her as mother hen and one who can help throughout each avenue of the company. It's a role that multi facing and gives her the chance to get involved with some amazing content we make! She loves the crew and what they do! Not only so but she is a part of the "She Said So" a female empowerment collective for women in music that has over 1900 members world wide! A regular speaker on female panels and activities for the progressive change for parity.

W5- Queer, Trans & Intersex People of Colour (QTIPOC)
(by Kelechi Chioba, NUS Disabled Students Rep & Yasmin Qasimova, NUS Black Students’ Rep)

Kelechi Chioba is an LGBT activist in the NUS Black Students' and Disabled Students' Campaigns and an asylum seeker who came to the UK out of fear for her life in Nigeria, as a wheelchair-using disabled woman suffering mental health issues.

Yasmin Gasimova, is a Vice President at Liverpool Guild of Students and is the LGBT women's job-share on the representative on the NUS Black Students Campaign.

3.30pm - 3.45pm: - Quick Break

3.45pm - 5.15pm: Workshop Session 2:  

W5- Let’s talk about Black Men and Black Women
(by Mma Yeebo-Agoe, Black Women’s Forum UK Committee)

Mma Yeebo-Agoe is from Accra, Ghana and raised in Tottenham, London. She studied at the University of Birmingham where she experienced multifaceted nature of racism - especially within student politics! Mma completed her MSc. in the Netherlands and she is currently working towards obtaining a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. Mma is interested in the structures that upholds white supremacy and the disparities within the health care system - especially in mental health.

W6- Twerking mini class and discussion (by Kelechi Olafor, Founder of Kelechnekoff)

Kelechi is an actress, personal trainer and an instructor of Pole dance as well as Twerk. In September 2016, Kelechi opened her own studio as a way of highlighting the faces and bodies that are often erased within mainstream fitness culture. Kelechi uses her classes and the workshops that she facilitates as a vehicle to move women towards an unbreakable relationship between their mind and body. 

W7- Textile crafts and Wellbeing (by Shikira Alleyne-Samuel, Founder & Creativity Guide of Kreative Pursuit)

Shikira Alleyne-Samuel, is the Founder & Creativity Guide of Kreative Pursuit. Kreative Pursuit aims to bring communities more opportunities to explore activities which challenge the mind using a range of different creative design disciplines. Enabling individuals the chance to experience the psychology theory of "Flow" and the positive, therapeutic benefits that creative arts can have. There is a huge amount of psychology and neuroscience research which backs up the significant impact that arts can have on emotional wellbeing by boosting brain health, lowering symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and increasing overall happiness. 

Kreative Pursuit Workshops inspire hidden creativity and sparks imaginations whilst bringing an awareness to emotional wellbeing.

W8- Feeling My Self Care (by Susuana Amoah, Feminist Activist & Gender & Media Masters student)


Susuana Amoah
is a feminist activist and Gender and Media Masters Student studying at the University of Sussex. Previously Susuana was the NUS National Women's Officer, ULU Women's officer and feminism society president at Royal Holloway where she graduated with a degree in Media Arts. During her time as student officer Susuana created the "feeling my self care" workshop for student women to encourage them to take radical stance on self care during their education. Susuana's activism focuses on intersectional feminism, sexual violence and radical self-care.


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